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Appiah essay refers to cosmopolitan as citizen of the world and explained the moral disagreement come in different viewpoints. Throughout the essay the author discussed the difference between moral and opinion. People around the world has different values, beliefs, and norms about certain things. For example, Appiah mentions on page 657, “A third claims all abortion is murder, if we are to encourage cosmopolitan engagement moral conversation between people across societies, we must expect such disagreements: after all, they occur within societies.” Appiah discusses culture can be a great factor for moral or opinion people may think people culture can be good or bad, some tend to see it bad. As the author knowledge, “cosmopolitans suppose that all cultures have enough overlap in their vocabulary of values being a conversation” meaning for every individually their culture is important and find their own meaning on their culture. The purpose of the essayist is to address moral disagreement as communication. He mentions that people argue if behavior is good or bad but in other hand their other behavior that can cause disagreement. The author wants people to understand other people tolerant and their beliefs. We should understand other people evaluation moral regarding any circumstances and as society we must understand other people cultures regarding their differences. The essay is for people who has different perspectives physically and mentally. Different perspectives about moral and opinion and how they’re similar and differences in different aspects. For example, (1) “You don’t need to leave home to have disagreements about questions of value. In a classroom discussion, one thinks that killing a fetus isn’t even as bad as killing a grown-up cat.” (2) “but moral conflicts come in different aspects, there are thin, universal values here- those of good parenting but their expressions are highly particular, thickly enmeshed with local customs and expectations and the facts of social arrangement” and (3) “there are, in short, different ways of organizing family life, which one makes sense to you will depends in good measure, on the concepts of the individuals grows up.” I do agree with the point of Appiah and he has strong examples in his essay to support his arguments.