Euclidean Zoning refers to the segregated-use zoning that has been typical since the practice of zoning was first legally established in the monumental 1926 case Village of Euclid v. Ambler Realty Co. The antithesis of Euclidean Zoning is mixed-use zoning where many different land uses are allowed within a single zone. Please review the two zoning codes that have been provided in the assignment assignments folder. Identify a specific zone or district which you believe to be a good example of mixed use. List the permitted uses which are stipulated in the code. Discuss how this mix of uses could potentially influence travel behavior. The Denver code provided should be a good place to find a mixed-use district. Next, identify a specific zone or district from the Richmond code that is an example of standard Euclidean Zoning. Please also list the permitted uses for this zone and discuss how the mix (or lack thereof) might influence travel behavior.

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