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I really need to know the answer asap. It would be great if there was explanations too.
` ) For a certain value of shunt – resistance , S and a certain value of R , when R, is set to O then thedeflection of the galvanometer is shown in Figure A .ILLMINIITY. 2020to the circuitFigure A : Deflection when R1 = 0By Keeping Sand R fixed the deflections of the galvanometer for different values of R, are shown in thefollowing figures .101010~ 7.020 .~ 2020 — 20_ Got_ Got_Outto the circuitto the circuitto the circuitwhen R1 = 652when R1 = 3 52when R1 = 9 52What is the internal resistance of the galvanometer ? [0. 5]Ans :

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