Home Town Realty
You work for a local real estate agency called Home Town Realty. It has a running Excel workbook of all properties it is permitted to show including both sold and unsold properties. The sales people use this workbook as a reference point to see whether houses have sold or new listings are available when out with prospective buyers. You received a new set of listings from another agency and need to add them to your existing workbook.
Perform Preliminary Work
G7XfixABCDEFGHK-House ID StreetCityState ZipSoldDateN1112 3191 Walnut StreetPhiladelphiaPA191043113 234 South StreetPhhiladelphiaPA19111A114 322 Pepper RunCherry HillNJ08002LO115 1121 Easy StreetPhiladelphiaPA19122O)78O1011121314Sheet1Sheet2 Sheet3+Ready160%