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I have selected GM to conduct a case study based on environmental sustainability. I need to form an outline for the final case study. The outline must contain enough of information indicating how I will conduct the case study. For the developing process, I need to format and make sure I include the items listed as below:
Identify how you intend to measure organizational activities that you have decided to measure. A part of this is benchmarking with “best in show” organizations in the same or similar areas of activity.Define a goal when you learn about what the best practice is.Identify what the current situation is and where you stand is relative to that goalDefine a course of action to improve the metric under observations that will enable the measurement of progress or the measurement of lack of progress.Indicate a minimum of 5 measures of interest. The scales of measurement should be cited and referenced. This part of the assignment is important as it will define your final case study approach.

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