Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on 1989 Detroit Free Press Profits. It needs to be at least 500 words.
After the merger, the two daily newspapers should result in making huge amounts of profits since the level of competition will greatly reduce. This will be achieved when the two companies share the previous sales data and put more emphasis on the particular variables that previously had contributed to either company’s’ downfall. In addition, the geographical coverage of two companies will increase since the areas covered by one of the dailies will also be covered by the area. Moreover, the number of people who subscribe to the dailies will increase since one company will now share the previous market that had been divided into two. However, the unavailability of competition will lead to a new high price of advertising from companies since the demand for advertising will remain constant and the supply of advertising institutions will reduce. Moreover, the sellers of the newspaper will increase the price despite the printing cost and operating expense reducing due to advantages brought about by greater economies of scale. This means that the now big company can bid for larger orders that save money. Bidding larger orders also advances purchasing power, since there is a greater possibility for negotiating with advertisers (Samuelson & Marks, 2012).

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