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Motorist ought to be offer with relatively safer, smoother and structurally sound roadway system. This will reduce the traffic congestion on the road. Even though an inconvenience to the daily routines, road construction is fundamental to ensuring that the underlying motorists are offered with safer and functional roads. The pressing issue and reason for the present traffic congestion rests on the underlying want of the citizenry to understand and exercise substitute method of transportation. In progressive towns such as Bloomington, citizens with vision of future possess the capability of raising the consciousness of the status quo (Black, pp34-87). Bloomington residents have interest in the present alternative Transportation by offering bicycling community with a network of user friendly commuter lines and paths. The City Planning Department ought to be swift in offering bicycle commuter lines on under advanced tracts of land, develops an opportunity to enhance alternative transportation, recreation and preserving open space corridors. Nevertheless, large scale efforts demand coordination at all the prevailing levels of administrative coupled with comprehensive planning vision. The achievement of the underlying vision does not merely end at the quality of life issues. Comprehensive alternative transportation and recreation plans will promote economic advancement (Black, pp34-87). The city is aware of the inherent value that such strategy might have on the marketing Bloomington, tourism and strengthening economic advancement.