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3. Pertaining the research method, the authors use a primary and a secondary review of literature. In the primary literature review, the authors begin by examining 18 bibliographic search training articles, where they find that search training is effective for residents and medical students and that the effects of training were robust with time (Goodman, Gary, & Wood, 2014, p. 336). However, due to lack of actionable recommendations from the primary review, the authors embark on a secondary review where they examine 2 articles and a pilot study they conducted. The second review reveals the types of training that improve bibliographic search skills hence recommendations for bibliographic search training (Goodman, Gary, & Wood, 2014, p. 342). The method is effective in producing data to answer the research question identified in question 1. The primary review of literature shows that the training is valid though with a room for improvement, while the second review shows the specific measures by which the training could be improved.