Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Discuss how Benedicts work developed Boas vision of anthropology and whether it also represented a new direction in American anthropology. It needs to be at least 2250 words.
This paper will explore what culture could have given Benedict a true sense of all this cultures. The paper will explore Benedicts work and how it sought to spread the importance of culture in individual personality formation. The paper will summarize Benedict’s views on culture capturing the views of some of her best-selling anthropological books.&nbsp.
The influence is quite evident as Ruth was a student of boas and she had great passion for him. It was in Columbia University in 1919 where the two started working together one as a student (Ruth) while boas were a teacher (Benedict & Mead 1977). The influence cannot be undermined given that Ruth wrote in her work about the love she had for boas. It is true that love doesn’t just happen but often is a result of attraction towards style type or ideologies presented by an individual that leads to admiration and finally love. The love of Ruth on boas must have been as a result of his ideologies and way of thinking. The work developed by boas must have had great impact and influence on Ruth. Having rise to the position of president of American anthropological association in no doubt influence American anthropology.