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Many caregivers are found to suffer from social isolation since they spend much time with the disabled person that they lose touch with their everyday life .
Some of my life experiences on the effect of taking care of a disabled person are based on lifestyle and mental health. When taking care of a patient with a disability, the lifestyle of the patient is not the only one which changes but also the lifestyle of the caregiver. As a caregiver, you stop being self-centered and you give all your attention and resources to the disabled person. For instance, these people with disability need specialized care, e.g. physiotherapy and, before you acquire this specialized care you will part with a lot of money which in most cases will result to some of your savings ending and a change in lifestyle. When this takes happens, one will not be in an easy position to continue with your normal lifestyle because you will not have spare money to spend on leisure according to the way your lifestyle used to be before you started taking care of the disabled person.