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Surprisingly, he was suspected to have involved himself in doping, a scientific contraption meant to enhance performance.
It is from this situation that science can be used to lessen the quantity of athletes practicing this illegal act in sporting. There are procedures to be followed by all sports officials before the commencement of any competition. The idea is to perform a quick drug testing test ethic, which will detect any strange substance hiding in the blood. The science of doping detection is advancing, and this technology can be used to catch athletes involved in such immoralities to emerge victorious, for example, Floyd. Another proficiency that can be used is introducing a benchmark to stop those athletes whose drugs are already settled in the body. This will detect the amount of occurring chemicals that should be in the blood. Repeating testing for doping makes the drugs resistance to the chemical, hence the substance should be upgraded after sometime (Bell). Therefore, modern science can be used to assess the amount of chemical level in the blood and can help lessen instances of unprofessionalism in sporting