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The use of monochrome in the film is conspicuous because it helps differentiate the rural routine and the new modernizing Italian lifestyle. La Dolce Vita was shot in black and white, despite the availability of color in that period. Marcello, a society gossip columnist, is a journalist and man-about-town in search of an identity in the world, hobnobbing with the elite, while dealing with the stifling home life of his girlfriend. Most of the scenes in the story depict his quests where he seeks short-lived joy in wild parties and sexual interactions. Marcello meets Sylvia, a famous movie star, who is new in town and he switches into his charm mode. He flirts with the movie star, without much consideration of his girlfriend at home. Theme development is advanced in the film in the way Marcello cuts himself from the real world and dwells in a setting of self-pity and self-disgust, coupled by confusion on the best way to tackle life.

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