Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Gypsy Fashion Deco Co. The Global Expansion. It needs to be at least 2750 words.
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The paper “Gypsy Fashion Deco Co. The Global Expansion” discovers the gypsy fashion deco co. and global expansion. GFDC started out as an experimental fashion company already applying its credo. With only a cutter, hi-speed sewer, a contractual bookkeeper and another contractual accountant, it launched a website maintained by an independent web-serving company. Demands grew in about six months so that GFDC had to set up and maintain its own website, as well as cater to its growing clientele. While in its first three months, there were only about two clothe items finished in a day, and there was only a weekly update of website, these have to be changed. Everyday, since it hired additional fashion purchaser, cutters and sewers, as well as a web designer and programmer, there are about 20 solo products made available in the website, so that everyday, the website need to be updated. GFDC was able to cope with this set up until global demands flooded the company. To maintain its ever-growing consumer market, GFDC had to set-up country branches, source out more skilled workers, both sewers and cutters, as well as purchasers and fashion designers in its major product destinations London, New York, Shanghai and the Middle East’s Dubai. The internet market had growing demands due to the expansion, and to remain competitive, global delivery and outsourcing became necessary. The management which had grown adept to the small-scale setting is suddenly faced with the dilemma of multifold expansion and to deliver., it has to adopt the enterprise architecture of its information technology system integrating the whole global expansion project into one working dynamic group.

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