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All this calls for a higher degree of internet regulation.
The United States is the top-ranked country with the highest host density1in cyberspace, ranked at 65.3%. It is a country that allows a high degree of competition to its net users, and so carries a great deal of responsibility on its shoulders. More importantly, in the US, IP telephony is unregulated because it is considered to be an information service. And given the high population of the internet community of the United States, regulation is not only a recommendation, but a valid requirement. Unless properly regulated, the trends of internet usage promise a disastrous picture in the long run for the United States – both economically as well as socially. Socially, because the United States legislation, known for its strict regulatory framework on the international front, would prove to be a negligible threat to the ever-increasing community of Internet hackers, thieves, virus-creators, and so on.

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