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A survey was conducted to determine the target audience and also the most appropriate music category. The youths and women form the bulk of live music audient at 50% and 77.3% respectively. The event organizers used four promotional approaches. Facebook, posters, flyers and promotional videos. The financial objective was achieved, because the event achieved a profit of $142. The 229 Venue was established in 1965 at the International Students House. The facility was refurbished in 2007, and presently it has superior music equipment and systems. They key players during the event were. the audience, performers, and the event organizers. The event was guided by legal considerations, because all the parties adhered to the conditions set by the booking form. The promotional and organizational activities were successfully conducted based on a time schedule, from January 2, 1015 to February 12, 2015. The event was generally successful.