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If there is no selling of the product, there would be no association of the need with the target audience and hence marketing might not be needed at all. Thus marketing looks to solve the problems in which the consumers are tied up and even when there is no problem at all – just to satisfy one’s desires – they are asked to purchase a product/service so as to have a better standing within a particular social circle or society. In other words, this encompasses the basis of self-esteem needs if not anything else.
I believe that marketing employs a number of practices which are regarded as its sub-fields namely advertising, sales promotion activities, personal selling, public relations (or publicity) and direct mailing to name a few. With the passage of time, the definition of marketing has changed as it has included a pre-manufacture tilt to its basis with regards to a product and/or service. Selling gets differentiated from marketing in the fact that selling is only done when a product is made available on the shelf within a retail outlet while marketing starts even when there is an idea or concept of the related product and thus the whole game starts as a result of this hype within the relevant audiences. (Davidson, 1967) Now marketing aims to pinpoint the needs of the target consumers and addresses the same whilst meeting their very needs through the purchase of the product/service and its ultimate usage.

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