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The case of Ms Quick is quite an unusual one, as it is usually that the women, who are trying to conceive, are keener on keeping the lives of their future children regardless of their number.
When I tried to find out what were the reasons for her decision to terminate two of the fetuses, Ms Quick stated that she really wants to have a child and “be a good mother” but doesn’t feel capable of caring for more than one child at a time. She added that she would rather terminate the pregnancy than have triplets born. It is obvious that Ms Quick is afraid of the idea to take care of three children at a time. In addition, the decision about terminating two fetuses was made after she communicated with her husband, thus I concluded that her husband also does not like the idea of having ore than one child at a time. Ms Quick is thirty, and this is her first pregnancy. Maybe, that is why she is so nervous.

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