Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Module 1 Small Scale Evaluative Study. It needs to be at least 2500 words.
Evaluation in schools is of interest to various stakeholders in the education sector i.e. the government, parents, teachers, media and the wider society (Bracey 2006).
Government inspectors have in many cases taken the roles of evaluation on schools’ performance in many countries although the new trend that is widely gaining prominence is that of schools doing self evaluation. Inclusion is one of the aspects of self evaluation that has been seen to have a wide range of positive outcomes if well implemented and it is for this reason that this paper shall seek to further on its impact on the evaluation process and how this can be facilitated by the SENCo (Swaffield and MacBeath 2005). It is a basic understanding that leadership should not be detached from the organs it is leading and it is for this reason that the process of inclusion is quite important in the cases of self evaluation for schools. All the stakeholders mentioned above need to work together and share ideas as evaluation is mostly the basis for school improvement and appraisal of standards of education.