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The symptoms of infection include diarrhea and excessive vomiting that last up to a week. Further, other symptoms that accompany vomiting and diarrhea include fever, fatigue, abdominal cramps, and nausea.
2. Do you believe that GM foods should be readily widely distributed to the public? (Make sure to refer to the facts in the article to support your ideas. Address the benefits and risks associated with GM organisms.
GM food should not be widely distributed to the public because they might cause health problems this is because genetic foods are produced using poisonous synthetic fertilizers, animal feed antibiotics, and growth hormones that are harmful to human health. Genetically modified foods should be labeled so that people have a choice on what kind of food they want to purchase. However, genetically modified foods are beneficial since they lead to high yields. Proper labeling matters a lot because it reveals nutritional values of the foods which gives a consumer an easy time deciding whether to buy or not (Crinnion, 2010).