Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on Parental Perceptions of educational services provided for children with autism. It needs to be at least 9000 words.
Furthermore the cost of provision of health care is highly expensive. Coupled with the fact that the children with autism tend to display a range of mild to severe social and behavioural disabilities, the inability to access full health care and appropriate educational services could be daunting for the parents. This study aims to evaluate the various difficulties and challenges faced by the parents and their perceptions about the educational services for children with autism in the UAE. This study aims to critically evaluate the parental perceptions of services provided for children with Autism in the UAE. The findings indicate that there is indeed a gap between the need and demand for such services and the availability of the same. Although the government has and continue to implement appropriate measures including introduction of laws that enable children with special educational needs to be accommodated in mainstream schools and provision of funding to parents to enable proper treatment for such children, there still is a huge gap between the need for special support services for such children and the availability of the same.