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The primary strategies employed when choosing an intervention include gaining a thorough understanding of the psychological, sociological, and/or other scientific theories that may apply to the clients individual situation. These theories are fundamentally linked to the various methods that could apply. An additional strategy involves the use of observation to perform appropriate social work assessments. The results of these assessments will help in many aspects of case study, including analysis and forming outcome hypotheses in addition to intervention selection.
While scientific theories are the backbone of interventions, we cannot assume that all theories are scientifically sound. Keeping to articles found in peer reviewed publications is a common method for avoiding “bogus” research, but sadly we again cannot always trust even those established sources. The only sure way to be confident of the theories that support interventions is to become familiar with the critiquing of scientific research and to employ this technique when evaluating research related to the concept. Good theories are backed up by good research.