Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on The Effects and Symptoms of Stress. It needs to be at least 1250 words.
le deals with the effects and symptoms of stress to create awareness and to take timely measures to overcome the situation and eliminate the coming disasters.
A situation which threaten or upsets an individual or disposes a kind of impact that an individual looses mental peace either due to the realistic situation in which the individual is or some anticipated circumstances due to fear or agony. Body responds to any kind of stress through hormonal secretions called as “fight-flight-fright” the 3Fs. This is the protective mechanism of the body. These hormones provide impetus to be focused, alert and in some situations protective in avoid any disaster and congregate the challenges. In some situations stress is positive as it directs the body to cope with the challenges and keeps the mind alert especially during exams or in any sports or game or competitions. This is good as it provides motivation power to march ahead, on the contrary when stress surmounts and crosses boundaries and is negative in a sense that it affects health, well being, temper, humor, productivity and even relationships it becomes worrisome and if not treated within time it leads to serious consequences. It is therefore essential to understand what are the effects and symptoms of stress to conclude to the measures to reduce or overcome the situation of stress (Stress and How to Manage it).