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Hello, I am looking for someone to write an essay on The Political Evolution and Development Policies (successes and failures) of UGANDA. It needs to be at least 3000 words.
He developed a National Resistance Movement (NRM) to vigilantly let free the city and countryside residents without provoking their cultural specialties. In 1994, Museveni’s party along with the NRM managed to get two third majority in the Assembly election. Further he managed to win two no-party presidential elections and legalized the ‘Movement’, however the success of the movement is considered to be doubtful due to the changing political environment (Kaiser & Okumu 2004 p.2-3).
According to Johann Kriegler, the expression – developing countries in Africa – is no longer true. This regression is attributed to the worsening rate of child death, life expectancy, per capita Income, GDP and HIV/AIDS. Most of the African countries have nil or negative economic growth. With various religious and other interferences, the basic ethnic beliefs and practices of tribal Africans have been forgotten. To understand the democratic development of African politics, democracy in Africa should be considered as by Africans and for Africans. European Unions and the United States have played a major role in Africa’s development. The author asserts that they should play a more dominant role in the development of the continent and exceed the amount of contributions made thus far.

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