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This equipment is so economical and its operational features are so simple. They are commonly used in nursing homes for evacuating patients from one location to the other. The facilities provided in a wheel chair is in view to care patient and the seats are with large fleets. The design of a wheel chair is in such a way to make it move either by the patient himself or by any supporter by pushing. This provides independence and self sufficiency among disabled persons. Moreover the wheelchair has a remarkable role in the transportation process of disabled persons. Today there are different varieties of wheel chairs and the consumer can choose the apt one according to his convenience and requirements. In order to meet the various requirements of the disabled persons the wheelchairs can be classified as follows. They are manual wheelchairs, light weight wheelchairs, ultra light weight wheelchairs, standard wheelchairs, recliner wheelchairs, sport wheelchairs, heavy duty wheelchairs, tilt wheelchairs and wheelchairs run by artificial power. With respect to their function and facilities the current varieties are far forward than the past ones. Introduction of superfine materials and high class seat cushion technologies in the current varieties of wheelchairs have created remarkable variations from the older ones.

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