Hello Professor and Classmates,
The topic that I have selected to speak about is Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD). Smart phones are basically hand-held computers that allow each of us the ability to carry our virtual reality addictions from location to location as we go about our daily activities. I know that this is a mouth full, but it is true, and I have this addiction as well. I am aware that there are several benefits of having a smart phone. There are businesses that use smart phones to keep clients informed when there is a change in scheduling or to find a location of a residence when providing a service such as lawn and cable services. There is also the chance that there may be an emergency afoot that requires medical assistance or law enforcement. All of the aforementioned situations fall within the parameters of what is considered to be normal use of a smart phone. I will add that certain businesses such as a day trader for a stock broker will likely look up trends or watch the rise and fall of stocks as a means to advice their clients, for these purposes the constant use of a smart phone does not constitute addictive behavior. Addictive behavior does not include constant use of a cellular phone for livelihood, I want to make that clear in this post up front.

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