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William Murray achieved one of his life-long dreams by opening his own business, The Caddie Shack Driving Range, on May 1, 2017. He invested $19,850 of his own savings in the business. He paid $6,900 cash to have a small building constructed to house the operations and spent $785 on golf clubs, golf balls, and yardage signs. Murray leased 4 acres of land at a cost of $1,015 per month. (He paid the first month’s rent in cash.) During the first month, advertising costs totaled $705, of which $145 was unpaid at the end of the month. Murray paid his three nephews $430 for retrieving golf balls. He deposited in the company’s bank account all revenues from customers ($4,660). On May 15, Murray withdrew $785 in cash for personal use. On May 31, the company received a utility bill for $120 but did not immediately pay it. On May 31, the balance in the company bank account was $14,035.