Hey there, i have been using this site for a long time and i am satisfied with it but my last assignment for FSDA was ruined by one of you. My deadline is over but still i need to get it done. Earlier i sent you the assignment contained every instructions, this time also i am sending you the assignment question regarding technomart along with excel report which is need to be done by you. so basically there are two documents one if Report contains 2000 words and excel sheet which is needed to be solved by you and also need to add necessary graphs, tables along with right calculations. make sure you calculate it well and not ruined it. I am also attach reference sample which was made by somebody else from my class in prvious sem. you can refer that too but make sure you do it as it is but in terms of marks i need better than this because he only score credits. if you can do it after looking into it then kindly accept it else not. I need the assignment within 20 hours.