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This paper illustrates that the number of children Internet users globally is anticipated to grow from approximately 150 million presently, to 300 million by 2020. This is according to an estimate by IDC. Under these estimates, the greatest growth will be in South America and Asia. This paper inquires regarding children’s internet usage, explores the level of children’s exposure to internet content and detects the potential difference between whatever parents think their children are doing online and their children’s real activities. A rising number of children have access to the Internet. Children in most U.S. households have online subscriptions. Furthermore, in almost half of the probable number of homes, children have Internet access. Parents believe that personal computer use and internet develops children’s analytical skills, significant abilities, and academic perspective. This has improved children’s access to the personal computer and the Internet. Observers also point out that home personal computers and Internet access may boost children’s computer literacy and technical knowledge and affect their actions, behaviors, and associations. Affonso indicates that students extend the capability to manage in a technical environment, acquiring the awareness and skills needed to be useful, as demanded by the present computer-driven society. Furthermore, online etiquette has become an essential part of the technology-based curriculum. The lasting impacts of this change have however been questioned in the essence of a rumor of its pessimistic influence on societal functioning and rising reports linking psychologically addictive characteristics to Internet use. Psychologists and educators have raised a lot of concerns about the influence of the Internet on the collective skills and psychological comfort of children.