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These automated fingerprint identification systems provide rapid and accurate comparisons with large databases (Tilstone, Savage & Leigh 2006). Most newly built buildings have this system installed in them especially so that only authorized people can enter specific places. In this system, a person is identified exclusively by his or her fingerprints, unlike verification system where ID card or PIN numbers are also required side by side fingerprint identification.
Fingerprints are scanned into the automated fingerprint system where ridge details and other identifying characteristics are digitized in such in detail that the system can find a match among the millions of fingerprints that are available in the database (Lane 2002). This new structure of identification has helped governments in different ways. It is vastly used in civil identification projects like registration for elections, driving license, welfare systems et cetera. Through this system, a government can make sure that no identity theft takes place or one person is not using two identities in order to vote. This kind of crime is quite common all over the world. Sometimes a highly sensitive job requires the employer to check the background of the candidate for the job so that all kind of risks can be avoided. This type of identification check is mostly done for high-level posts in the government or law enforcement agencies.