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The team of contractors of the project included the Swiss Architecture Firm Herzog and De Meuron, artist designer Ai Wei Wei, Chief Architect Stefan Merbach, and CADG leader Chief Architect Li Xinggang. The collaboration of both the European and Asian authorities in the project made it possible for the designation of the style and function of the Beijing National Stadium to stand as the newest and most innovative architectural structure in the world today. Because of the fact that the Olympic Games is a worldwide event that would be eyed by the entire human society around the globe, the officials had to make sure that they are to create something that would be a stunning landmark that could host a massive population of viewers and athletes during the most awaited and most prestigious month-long celebration of physical strength among all the nationalities around the world. They had to make sure that it would not simply be an area for sports but also a space for international camaraderie. Architecture in this state of pressure shall be subjected to the need of creating a structure that could be a wonder to the eye while serving the primary function that it is made for (Ruskin, 1989: 78). It is also certain that the officials of the construction needed to make sure that the design of the building would make the huge structure an icon of modern world architecture.