Hi, I need help with essay on Do You Approve of Khan and Mandira’s Marriage. Paper must be at least 500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
The conflict between Khan and Mandira’s marriage begun with the death of Mandira’s son Sam. Mandira was so disheartened by the death of her son Sam to the point that she blamed her husband Rizwan for having his last name “Khan” which triggered the bullying and beating that caused her son’s death. This was highlighted in the film (youtube a) where Mandira was hysterical in the scene blaming Rizwan’s religion as the cause of Sam’s death, that he had not been a Muslim, her son would have not been beaten and still alive. There are two issues in the marriage why it was questioned whether it should be approved or not. First is the difference of religion between the two (Khan is a Muslim and Mandira is not) and second, Khan is diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, a type of autism that makes him socially awkward and lacking in nonverbal communication skill that makes his eligibility for marriage questionable. I approved the marriage because considering it otherwise meant subscribing to the stereotype against the Muslims that caused divisiveness in our society. Disapproving the marriage would mean alienating Islam, the faith of Rizwan Khan and that would fuel hatred between Muslims and non-Muslims. It would also tantamount to dismissing Islam as incompatible with other religion when we are striving religious tolerance to achieve harmony in our society. Also, the basis of marriage should be mutual love which Mandira and Khan (particularly Khan) were obviously shown to be in love with the film (Youtube a). They were happy until society’s intolerance towards the Muslim begun after the 911 attack that typecasted all Muslims to be terrorist. By approving the marriage, we are also sending the message that people can love and coexist even if they have different religions.