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“The Rime” and “Ode” use vibrant imagery, where for “The Rime,” it contributes to the effectiveness of the plot in depicting scintillating events and characters, while for “Ode,” it underscores the “natural” essence of insight. When Coleridge says: “As idle as a painted ship/Upon a painted ocean,” this image is quite fitting to the situation of the sailors, not just as an effective “picture” of what is occurring, but as a representation of their hopelessness. “Ode” employs numerous elemental imagery, such as sun, moon, mountains, and flowers. They are natural and seem simple at first, but they are also viewed as “grand” examples of nature that implicate the religious theme of “remembering” the natural nature of “remembering” and they are connected to the raw and natural dispositions of children, whom Wordsworth attests as the bosom of meaning and a source of true insight.