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Global standards of healthcare quality also helped developing countries offer more healthcare services. For example, several customers from developed countries like the United Kingdom and Canada make use of the healthcare service offered at Indian hospitals. Many Indian hospitals give quality health care services that are of reasonable cost.
Circulation of health professionals is considered to be one of the impacts of globalization in healthcare sector. The movement of healthcare professionals is found to be negatively affecting developing countries. Young professionals from developing countries settle in developed countries. Developed countries lack medical healthcare professionals and recruit professionals from developing countries. The movement of professionals is done through international recognition of professional degrees. The movement of patients is a new trend. The trend is termed as medical tourism. Fertility treatment provided in western European countries attracts people from the United States. The fertility treatment in European countries cost only half of the treatment cost in the United States. The Elective surgery is cheaply provided in highly sophisticated Indian hospitals. The cost is only 20% of the cost of the same treatment in the Western countries. National initiatives are preferred over personal initiatives these days. For example, Tunisia had organized a conference in 2004 targeting health care purchasers from different countries. Even the purchasers from public systems would be interested in these types of offers as there is a significant reduction in healthcare costs.

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