Hi, I need help with essay on Hume’s analysis of the process by which we make causal judgments. Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
This paper is going to discuss Hume’s analysis of the process by which we make causal judgments.
Causality can be defined as the relationship between an object and a fact. it is among the most recognized ideas that we have. Causality is involved in almost all undertakings or human way of thinking. it is assumed in every argument and sensible actions. It is considered a beneficial idea in all areas of philosophy including philosophy science from the time of ancient Greeks to present. Hume as a philosopher, he defines causality as something that clinches things together. Knowing what causes are assists us to know how minds might or might not relate to bodies, how bodies might approach to create changes in other bodies, how thoughts might or might not influence deeds and how free they might or might not work. Therefore, all human beings are naturally attributed to certain occurrences of causal actions upon others. This means that whenever there is change in something, there is a quality that disappears, and another one appears, and the source of these changes is cause. In other words, for every quality produced as a result of change, there is a cause for that. Many changes occur due to the relation between change and cause. Hence, this natural acknowledgement of the association between cause and effect to occurrences is at the forefront of all the philosophical declaration and analysis. There are characteristics that help to differentiate the causal relations in the universe, which include non- anthropomorphic, uniformity and determinism. Non – anthropomorphic, causal relation means a name given to change, and that in causal correlation wishes, purpose and desires are never mentioned. Uniformity describes causal relations as unchanging habits between facts, on the other hand, determinism characteristics emphasize that there is a connection between a cause and an effect. Meaning causality is prejudiced by the presence of other

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