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Competition is expected from other companies that will come up with other means of fighting the environmental pollution that is brought about by motor vehicles releasing toxic gasses into the environment. Competition is also expected from other industrial players who will start producing products that are similar to Pollution Solution’s Emission Filter. With the introduction of the company’s product in the market, competitors will start producing similar goods (Calantone, 2004).
The company has a competitive edge because it is the pioneering company that has come up with a product that will play an important role in ensuring that emissions from the motor vehicles has been impacting the environment negatively. The organization projects rigorous marketing so that the target population becomes aware of the existence of the product. The company will use both print and electronic media to reach out to the target population. The target population is of people who would visit motor vehicle dealerships and spares shops and hence, some media will be used in these areas to reach out to the target population. The emission filter will be made available to the target population through good pricing. However, distributors will be used to distribute the product. Large scale distributors will be given a credit policy where they can buy large amounts of the product and distributes for them to pay back later. The individual customer however cannot access the credit facilities (Calantone, 2004).