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This means that the other half was inside the water. In the human world, the fish is an alien organism, while in the water, the fish is at home. To the fisherwoman, the fish is unpleasant organism, and it is weak (Bishop, 1983). It is therefore a victim of humanity, and it is vulnerable to the whims of the mankind. This paper analyzes the use of symbolism in the poem. This is because the entire poem is full of symbolism, which is used to explain the relationship that exists between man and the aquatic world.
The poem by Elizabeth Bishop is not organized into stanza, but it is written in a prose form. It is kind of a narration that a fisherwoman gives on her experiences when she was out fishing. This poem is not rhythmic in nature, and the words used are easy to understand. This is even though there is a lot of symbolism and stylistic devices in it (Bishop, 1983). Furthermore, the poem is very descriptive in nature. The narrator of the poem manages to describe how the fish looked like, and the emotions that she felt towards the fish. She felt pity, and this is because the “Fish” was weak and vulnerable to human activities.