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ject’s overall strategy, for instance the care with which the team is staffed, and the goals set for the project is both very critical (Jovanović et al. 2012). In a similar manner, the organization’s policies, culture, structure, and operating systems can work effectively to promote and support project management or perhaps work against the capability to effectively run projects. An effective project management requires that before it is started, the manager and the team have a responsibility of understanding the structure of the organization as it pertains to the tasks and project. For most organizations, projects and project management are not the operating norm, but rather projects exist outside of the formal, process-oriented activities related to many organizations (Kaleshovska 2014). As a result, many organizations are simply not structured to allow for the effective completion of the projects in conjunction with the ongoing corporate activities. This report will attempt to evaluate whether project management is used in strategic context, and then show how this application is achieved. Further, this report will evaluate how excellent project management can promote competitive advantage.