Hi, I need help with essay on Psychology of College Athletes effect their Recovery from Injury. Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!
When a college athlete dedicates a lot of time and training to a particular sport, he or she essentially builds a personal identity around the said sport. Refraining from taking part in the sport, even if for a few days or weeks, can result in the athlete’s perception of him or her self being negatively affected. This is because the sport-related injury will remove the very reinforcements that cause the athlete to maintain a certain sense of autonomy, self-mastery and control. In addition, professional college athletes benefit in other ways from engaging in competitive sports. According to Arvinen-Barrow, Penny, Hemmings and Corr (2010), the human brain releases endorphins when a person takes part in exercises. Stopping from exercise participation can thus increase an athlete’s daily level of stress.