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Physicians often view CQI as a threat to professional autonomy (McLaughlin & Kaluzny, 1990) and are skeptical that a management technique can improve patient outcomes. Structural barriers, including inadequate training (Shortell et al., 1995), longstanding social norms (Mittman, Tonesk, & Jacobson, 1992), and the fact that many physicians are independent providers (Chan & Ho, 1997), can also impede physician involvement in CQI and other changes in health care.
Physician involvement in CQI becomes critical as quality improvement initiatives turn from administrative functions (e.g., streamlining outpatient registration) to clinical functions (e.g., increasing adherence to clinical practice guidelines). Unfortunately, traditional approaches to physician behavior change are unlikely to increase physician involvement in CQI. A meta-analysis of 102 studies examining the efficacy of continuing medical education strategies found that our most heavily used interventions, educational materials and conferences, tend to have little impact on physician behavior or patient outcomes in health care (Davis, Thomson, Oxman, & Haynes, 1995).