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In 1998 to 2000, 263 gastroenteritis outbreaks occurred and only 3 were a consequence of rotavirus. The main predisposing factor is unhygienic conditions. Prevention is through disinfection of environmental surfaces especially those contaminated with fecal matter (“Notes from the field,” 2011).
In relation to the epidemiological triangle (agent, host, and environment) human acts as the reservoir for rotavirus is. The virus is transmitted through ingestion of fecal matter or fomites. Environment wise, the virus is found in temperate regions. The virus is transmitted through indirect contact since it enters the body through ingestion. Host factors that increase the chances of contacting the rotavirus include age whereby the most vulnerable are young children who have increased exposure to the virus. Additionally, the old people living in care home are at a risk (Anderson & Weber, 2004. (“Notes from the field,” 2011).