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ation is its failure to take responsibility for problems it causes, while leaving others to bear the burden of their harmful effect (The Corporation). Economically, corporations are powerful and externalizing machines, while, anthropologically, this is a boundary issue between the state, the market, and the firm. The film offers various ways in which corporations cause harm, including to workers, human health, animals, and the biosphere. It also identifies penalties applied for legislation breaches as simply business costs for the corporation (The Corporation).
The Corporation is exhaustively researched and covers weighty issues. However, the film also takes a hostile and skeptical viewpoint of corporations, which can be seen in the largely one-sided interviews and investigations regarding the origin and operations of corporations. In fact, the title of the book the film is adapted from, The Corporation: the Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power (The Corporation), reveals the theme and agenda of the film. With regards to whether the film is too biased against corporations, it can be said that it covers one aspect of corporations exhaustively. It is true that corporations defraud and steal from their stockholders, pollute the environment, callously take advantage of cheap labor abroad, fire workers at will, corrupt political establishments, and devote their operations purely to the pursuit of profit (The Corporation). However, corporations have also improved the standard of living for Americans, generated scientific and medical advances, and employed millions of Americans. These aspects are absent in the film’s narrative. Therefore, this film can be said to be partisan as it has a perspective that it wants the audience to accept, selectively choosing the type and nature of information that it presents. As can be seen from the chart below, corporations have created the most jobs in the United States in the past.