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The author believes that the 9/11 tragedy emphasizes the scope of the danger which “weapons of mass destruction, and especially nuclear weapons, present to the humanity” (432). Prior to the catastrophe, many of its ingredients had already been obvious, including suicide bombers and the exaltation of the Asian hatred toward the West (Schell 433). The emergence of suicide bombers and the expanding market of nuclear weapons were both responsible for the escalation of violence (Schell 433). However, the hidden danger of the nuclear weapons in Russia and the United States can be more serious (Schell 433). Understanding the sources of the hate toward the United States is the task crucial for the future safety and stability in the U.S. (Schell 435). Atwood describes her visit Afghanistan in February 1978, several weeks before one of the most significant military conflicts broke out. Atwood writes that her relatives tried to change her plans (279). Yet, she could not lose the chance to see the houses of Kabul carved wood and taste the cultural and political atmosphere in the country (Atwood 279). Atwood visited the country with her child, and she hired a car to see the disastrous retreat of the British from Kabul (279). She felt the pressure of the cultural norms – men never talked to her directly, whereas women in the streets were wearing chadors (Atwood 280). She bought a chador in the market, and once put on, Atwood could feel turning blank in the visual field, being both there and not there (280).