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The embedded collage and texts on the painting are comprised of conservation themed texts and quotes, a few pages from Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax, photographs of the area, images of a power transmission tower and a Navajo matriarch off to the left of the canvas. The painting also contains a nude torso daguerreotype of Hannock’s late wife that was applied on their 10th anniversary in 8th April 2010 (Goebel 9).
Hannock is well known for his luminescent paintings that relay his personal story interlinked with stories and people of a certain place. In this painting, he aimed at reminding the world, with the Coloradans being the primary targets, about the amazing landscapes in the American West and the need for conserving them (Goebel 12). As a picture is worth a thousand words, Hannock painted it to object the decision of two power companies who wanted to build a solar power transmission line in the

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