Hi, need to submit a 1000 words essay on the topic Poetry Analysis: Sailing Home from Rapallo, by Robert Lowell.
A brief analysis of the quality and content of the poem is the focus of this paper.
The poem opens with the poet’s grief at the departure of his mother, “tears ran down my cheeks”. But before the readers could settle down to share his tears. he shakes them off from it to take them to the real reality. “The crazy yellow and azure sea” seen from the ship reminds him that nature outside is active, and he realizes that nature is indifferent to the death of his mother. He is caught between the temporal and the eternal. Time moves on “bubbling” and “blasting”. This is further illustrated by showing the fellow passengers warming themselves in the sun on the deck, while “our family cemetery in Dunbarton lay under the white mountains in the sub-zero weather”.

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