Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Buyer behaviour and communication strategies BB644.
Moreover, the Toyota Prius family including Prius 1.8, Prius C and Prius V wagon will provide consumers with more models to choose from.
The main goal is to create awareness of the hybrid technology developed by Toyota in the form of Toyota Prius family. By advertising and promoting the product, we wish to position Prius as a comfortable yet powerful car for the fun-loving and family-centered individuals alike. The communication channels are meant to draw interest and instigate a desire among consumers to make a purchase. The advertising should effectively create the desired image on the minds of the consumers in order to generate brand awareness which can productively be converted into sales. Moreover, the intended purpose of using communication channels is to stimulate buyer readiness through knowledge dissemination which educates the public about the damages of conventional fossil fuel engine cars and the new hybrid technology which has been stylishly designed in the form of Toyota Prius series. This notion is intended to trigger consumers to consider a change in their automobile preferences in order to try out the hybrid car series by Toyota which is both, energy efficient and cost effective, as compared to other cars by the competitors. So, the main focus can be said to highlight the novel attributes of the Toyota Prius family and its hybrid technology. Also, the economic perspective of the Toyota Prius series is pivotal in convincing consumers that the cars have been made to suit the needs of everybody including families, individuals, and adventurous youths.