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As such, these labour legislations provide the set of restrictions upon the worker in his relationship with the employer and vice-versa in order to maintain industrial peace and harmony, consequently promoting industrial democracy.
Similarly, these labour legislations are designed to look more on the immediate results of the employer-employee relationship. These are the body of rules and principles which governs the relationship between labour and management in the collective on the one hand and the principles of determining the rights and liabilities consequential to the individual relationship of employer and employees. When the conflicting interests of labour and capital are weighed down, the heavier influence of capital must be counterbalanced by the compassion and sympathy accorded to the worker. This is only fair if the worker is given the opportunity and the right to assert and defend his claim, not as a subordinate but also as a peer of management, with which he can negotiate on even plane. And these can be done and addressed before an employment tribunal.

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