Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Freedom and Determinism.
Ancient religions characterized Gods with the forces of harmony and order while evil is the source of chaos(Kirk & Raven, 1966).This idea modified by Plato into metaphysical dualism of eternity and time who characterized order as real and change as illusion. This perception also gave rise to the idea of dualism in matter and spirit as it associated spirit as eternal and matter as the temporal(Edman,1956).Platonic perceptions influenced classical and medieval times of western thinking and even Christianity elevated eternal realm over temporal realm(Tarnas,1991). However, concept of dualism is also part of eastern religious perceptions, i.e., Hinduism and Buddhism. These religions also emphasized the eternal life and associate life as temporal and a journey towards the eternal realm which is higher and determined to be the real and lasting one (Smith, 1958. Noss, 1999).