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A deeper insight into this strategy reveals that the efforts are directed towards becoming the consumer’s expert on cultural knowledge of the nation thus getting deep visibility into financial opportunities in the country hidden in the personality &amp. motivation of the end consumers that is normally invisible to other outsiders (Montgomery. 2008).
The localization model of HSBC is supported strongly by their global technology system called Hexagon Infrastructure having foundations laid way back in 1983 and subsequently key enhancements implemented in 1987, 1989, and 1994 (Peffers and Tuunainen. 1999). HSBC owns one of the most sophisticated &amp. efficient banking transactions &amp. customer service management systems of the world. As defined by Hamid and Amin et al. (2007), Internet Banking is a powerful mean of enhancing competitive advantages that should be informative, communicative &amp. transactional as per the local customer needs. As reported by these researchers, HSBC is one of the few foreign banks that are able to compete effectively with the local banks at Malaysia &amp. Thailand pertaining to Internet Banking. Also, this is the only bank in the world that offers secure ID tokens to the customers for Internet Banking (Goodwin. 2006).

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