Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Religion 120.
In Christianity, it is believed that the Jesus Christ is incarnation of God and Jesus could be viewed as representative of the mystical thoughts held by the Christians. In Sufi Islam, it is believed that the Prophet Muhammad was directed called by God and the angel Gabriel took him to the God. There are several incidents and his life that have been reported as mystical encounters like Quran has been viewed as the divine exposure conveyed by God to the heart of the Prophet (Lewis and Mark, p54).
It is strongly believed in Judaism, Christianity and Islam that the human beings are guided by God through revelation to the prophets. In each of these religions there is great importance of Holy Scriptures because these scriptures contain teachings and principles for people to guide their lives accordingly. In Judaism, the holy scriptures are grounded in Torah and first five books of Hebrew Bible. The Christians consult the Bible for seeking guidance in different matters of their lives whereas Quran is the Holy sculpture of Islam that declares that no more Holy Scripture will come after it. These scriptures tend to have very strong impact upon the lives of the followers because they contain the information about the background and historical development of the respective religion and also explicitly explain the ways of spending lives and guide the followers to act and behave in certain manner (Hourani et al, p176).