Hi, need to submit a 1500 words essay on the topic Comparison of Neil and Symon from 42-up.
The environment in which the two characters grew up affected their personalities in communication behavior and career choice. Neil was more open while Symon was quite reserved. Symon’s exposure to poverty at an early age limited his aspirations while his counterpart believed that he could become anything he wished. Neil Hughes had a happy childhood while Symon’s childhood was quite stressful. Neil was unreserved and always ambitious that he aspired to become an astronaut. On the other hand, Symon Basterfield had tough experiences in his childhood since he grew up without a father who was of colored ethnicity. He was first introduced to a children’s’ home and later on was taken by his mother who was poor and depressed. Symon’s got used to negative mentality since his mother was always complaining. This affected his social relationships since his mind was filled with life’s negative issues.

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